Creating energy sustainability solutions

Working in partnership with our clients, we help you meet targets, reduce your carbon footprint and add value to your business at each stage of the journey.

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Creating energy sustainability solutions

Through our network of innovative partners, RESolve help businesses connect with forward thinking manufactures and suppliers, adding an fresh approach to your Net Carbon Zero Journey.

Why we established the RESolve Initiative

Our Co-founders have been working within the energy for over 15 years and have witnesses first-hand the rise and sometimes fall of energy technologies and solutions.

We created RESolve initiative as we understand the complexities that businesses can face, setting a target and then managing the financial budgets in a forever fluid economy.

We have seen, in many instances, companies substituting quality for cost as the driving factor for decisions and the short-term results being the headline.

That’s why we created RESolve, so you don’t have to think short term. With over 15 years industry experience, and expert supplier intel, RESolve overcome these complex challenges, empowering our clients to invest in energy solutions with confidence.

Where are you on your journey?

Our end to end expertise enables RESolve to work with your organisation, wherever you are on your strategic journey today, through a simple four pillar framework.


Pillar one. Evaluating complex sites, and entire estates, to help your organisation fully understand where the gaps and least cost-effective solutions exist today.


Pillar two. Our experts, share crucial insights and improvement opportunities, enabling your organisation to prioritise the most appropriate energy solutions, aligned to your objectives.


Pillar three. Once selected, RESolve provide expert project management to ensure the correct technology is sourced, procured, installed and maintained by experts.


Pillar four. Once installed our experts monitor performance of the solutions we oversee, to ensure ROI objectives are measured against short, medium and long-term performance.
  • Case Study

    Lidl DC Newbridge Ireland & Peterborough England

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  • Case Study

    Decathlon, Belfast. Sintra HVAC solution.

    New Distribution centres opening across the UK & Ireland to help demand from the fast-growing Supermarket chain.
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  • Case Study

    Uniserve Felixstowe

    New distribution centre opening at Felixstowe docks.
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  • Case Study


    RES Installation services have been working alongside Decathlon for the last 3 years providing them with a range of services and helping them to reduce their carbon footprint across their estate in the UK.
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  • Case Study

    B&Q (Stores)

    LED Upgrade on a selected store across the UK & Ireland 2019-20.
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