About RESolve

About RESolve

RESolve formed in 2020 with a specific focus on helping complex organisations, often with national asset infrastructure, stay up to date with modern energy consumption solutions, optimise the best strategy to meet their objectives, deploy and project manage installations, assess ongoing energy consumption, and measure return on investment performance.

RESolve Initiative

The RESove initiative was created to bring together like-minded businesses and influencers in the sustainability sector. It is our vision to help businesses achieve their Net Carbon Zero targets through collaboration and introduction of cutting-edge technologies, delivered to the highest standard.

Working with industry experts across the UK and Europe, RESolve identified an opportunity to support in-house generalist teams, with our value-add expertise, helping organisations to deliver market leading solutions, long term Carbon Reduction and Net Zero strategies. Through our knowledge of energy solution supplier chains, RESolve ensures clients benefit from:

  • Sourcing and selecting the right technology and the right time.
  • Technologies have been tested and already have a track record.
  • Benchmark multiple technologies and validate their effectiveness.
  • Staying innovative and aware of new game-changing technologies in the market.