Why Choose Solar Technology for Your Business?

Improving the energy efficiency of your day-to-day operations comes in a number of forms, the most recognisable of which is solar power. Solar technology has advanced over the years, growing into a highly effective solution for improving profits and environmental impact for businesses.

Starting with a survey of your property and its potential, the team at RESolve provide you with an assessment of how to improve your business’ energy efficiency. A great way to do this is through solar panels, and in this article we’ll discuss the benefits and options available.

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The Benefits of Solar Technology

Obvious benefits of solar technology are a reduction in external energy requirements and an increase in sustainability, but there is a whole range of advantages you can receive by improving the energy efficiency of your property through solar panels.

We’ve outlined the top six reasons to incorporate solar technology into your business:

1.     Increase Your Profit Margins

By reducing the amount you spend on your electricity bill, you can increase your margin for profit. This gives you a greater quantity of capital to invest back into your business and employees.

The low maintenance costs of solar panels also feed in to this increase in profit margins. You can benefit further still and open up an additional revenue stream for your company by selling any surplus energy back to the National Grid.

2.     Meet Carbon Footprint Requirements

Businesses all have a responsibility to reducing the amount of carbon they use. Your carbon footprint is regulated, and there are specific goals that need to be met. You can offset your carbon production with eco-friendly energy, such as solar technology, that’s not reliant on fossil fuels.

With many businesses pushing towards a net-zero in carbon production by 2050, implementing solar technology is a great way to get a head start.

3.Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Fossil fuels are still a sizeable source for electricity generation in the UK, making up 38.8% of the total production. Fossil fuels cause harm to the environment at every stage of their procurement and use, with damaging effects beyond their carbon output such as dangerous chemicals and ecological damage.

Solar panels use abundant, non-toxic materials in their construction like glass and silicon. Some of their components do require processes like mining to gather, but their overall environmental impact is far more beneficial for people and businesses than standard, fossil-fuel-generated electricity.

4. Become Energy Independent

Depending on the size of your business, you may be able to become entirely self-sufficient when it comes to the procurement of your energy. With enough solar panels, your business can benefit from green technologies while also removing your electricity bill entirely.

5. Improve Your Corporate Image

Solar panels are often noticeable, but that doesn’t mean they’ll harm the look of your business. In fact, onlookers will be able to see that your business is engaging in eco-friendly activities at a glance. This can lead to an increase in public perception as sustainability is a beneficial concept everyone is familiar with.

6. Receive Financial Incentives

Some business may even be able to benefit directly from government financial incentives. These provide monetary rewards and compensation to companies for incorporating solar panels and other green technologies into their corporate properties, resulting in greater sustainability for your operations.

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How to Implement Solar Technology into Your Business

There are many ways your business can benefit from energy efficiency practices, but solar technology is perhaps the most versatile. It can make use of the wasted space on and around your building, converting it into a passive source of sustainability and profit generation.

We’ve outlined a few different ways you can implement solar technology for your corporate property with varying up-front requirements to suit the scale of your planned investment.

Rooftop Solar Panelling

The most common form of solar energy collection for properties in the UK is done through rooftop solar panels. These can cover otherwise unused roof space, converting it into a source for renewable energy.

A solar panel usually takes up around 1.25 to 1.5 square metres of space with the number of units you’ll be able to fit depending on the size of your roof; this is a great way for any business to enhance their activities and utilise the opportunities of a vacant rooftop space.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Rooftops are a common place to mount solar panels, but the ground is also a good place to consider. Spaces at the edges of your property or unused sections brought about by design and route planning choices can provide more benefits to your business by implementing solar panels.

The ground would first need to be surveyed and assessed before construction could begin. For large spaces spanning multiple acres, you might instead look at building a solar farm.

Solar Energy Parking Covers

Also known as solar car ports, these are covers that can be placed over the top of parking spaces on your property. Not only do they serve as a shield for employees’ vehicles against the sun and the elements, but they also harvest solar energy to provide a sustainable resource for your company.

This is a great way to utilise the air space on your property while not impacting the amount of ground space you have to work with. It can even feed in to a holistic green energy solution by powering chargers for electric cars under the covers.

Solar Farms

While not for everyone, this is a solution that can provide significant amounts of renewable energy to your business. A solar farm takes up a significant amount of space and requires intensive surveying to assess its ecological impacts.

Despite a significant initial cost, a solar farm requires little-to-no maintenance or running costs and can be a great way to provide a large corporate property with renewable power that will see returns for years to come.

Implement Solar Technology into Your Business with RESolve

Work towards a net-zero economy by reducing your business’ reliance on fossil fuels, lowering your carbon footprint, increasing your energy efficiency, and benefitting from profit incentives – all through the implementation of solar technologies on your corporate property.

We at RESolve will guide you through the process, from auditing and reports through to implementation and evaluation, ensuring a streamlined, optimised installation of solar technology for your company.

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