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Fluorescent lamp ban 2024 – Plan your lighting strategy

The UK is making a significant step toward energy efficiency and sustainability with the implementation of new fluorescent lighting regulations in February 2024. Many businesses are resorting to panic buying however, RESolve believe there are more sustainable, future-proofed solutions to explore. It would be wise for organisations to establish a transition strategy to LED technology, avoiding medium-term duplication of capex.

Click here to read more, in our full article, where we explain why you should consider LED lighting and how to begin planning your LED strategy.

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Smart effective solutions are at the core of what we do at RESolve. Our primary goal is to identify strategic and sustainable solutions that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere.


We qualify your energy consumption challenges within a single or multiple premise.


Recommendation and prioritisation of energy solutions to meet your business objectives.


Solution of choice, supplier engagement, project management, solution installation.


Solution performance review, project analysis, future scale and deployment.

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